Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas boat ride

On Sunday we went to Long Beach & went on a boat tour of all the pretty houses in huntington & newport harbor.  It was a PERFECT day to be outside especially at the beach.  It was about 85 degrees & beatiful.  Driving there reminded me of our wedding! We took the same streets & it made me wanna stop by the ebell club just to say hello to it:)

me at the harbor

it was such a pretty sunset

waiting for the boat, texting away

some of the decorated houses

magnos grandpa giving him some christmas cheer!;)

we looovee christmas!

my favorite house

a huge pretty tree on the water

in the center of the boat parade

as many of the houses i could get in one picture!
It was Magnos grandpas last day in CA before going back to Mexico, so we went with him & Marcela (my MIL).  It was the first time we'd seen them since the wedding!

I decided now that i want a boat. get to work, magno!

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